The performing arts world has many roles for people with varying personalities to enjoy if it's for a hobby or career. Click for more.

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Hey everyone, my name is Elijah. I started performing on stage at an early age due to my love for drama class. Each year, we would hold several performances to showcase our favorite plays. The performing arts world has many roles for people with varying personalities to enjoy. Shy people can perform costume and setting tasks while outgoing individuals enjoy playing the lead. I will talk about performing arts in detail on this site. I hope you can visit on a regular basis to learn about this exciting hobby and career. Thank you for coming by.


The Benefits Of Ballet Lessons As An Older Adult

11 May 2017
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Whether you took ballet lessons as a child or have never stepped into a dance studio, ballet could be an excellent form of exercise for you now as an older adult. You can take classes with the goal to get fit and have fun rather than performing on stage. While ballet may not be the ideal form of cardio exercise, it offers many other benefits that make it worth considering. Here are some reasons you may want to take up ballet. Read More …

Tips For Getting Your Child Ready For Hip Hop Dance Classes

4 November 2015
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Many younger children want to take ballet lessons. You might be prepared for that and know exactly how to get your child ready for those classes, from buying the right clothing to doing his or her hair correctly. You might be at a loss if your child comes up to you and says that he or she wants to do hip hop dance classes. Here are some ways that you can get your child prepared for the class. Read More …