The Benefits Of Ballet Lessons As An Older Adult

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The Benefits Of Ballet Lessons As An Older Adult

11 May 2017
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Whether you took ballet lessons as a child or have never stepped into a dance studio, ballet could be an excellent form of exercise for you now as an older adult. You can take classes with the goal to get fit and have fun rather than performing on stage. While ballet may not be the ideal form of cardio exercise, it offers many other benefits that make it worth considering. Here are some reasons you may want to take up ballet.

Improved Posture

One of the basic requirements of ballet is good posture. You need to keep your hips parallel and your spine straight. After several weeks of training your body to maintain proper posture in ballet class, it will gradually carry over into your everyday life as your core muscles get stronger. Good posture is important as you age. Some aches and pains have their root in poor posture that puts stress on muscles and joints in your hips and back. This can cause everything from hip pain and backaches to foot pain. Good posture not only helps you feel better, it improves your appearance when you hold your back straight as you walk and sit.

Better Balance

Another benefit of increased core strength is improved balance. Good balance is very important when you get older. A fall could cause your health to decline if you're in the hospital because of it. When your balance is good, you not only resist falling, you can recover quickly when you trip. When you have good balance, you can do more too. You can stay more active by riding a bicycle, hiking, and playing with grandkids rather than sitting on the sidelines because you're afraid you'll fall.

Toned Muscles

When you watch ballet on television, you may think the graceful moves look easy. Once you start lessons, you quickly learn how difficult it is to make ballet look so graceful. You'll develop strong muscles, but rather than being bulky, your muscles will be toned. This helps you hold onto muscle mass as you age and the ballet workouts even help you lose fat so your muscles have better definition.

Enhanced Flexibility

Stretching exercises are some of the best workouts you can do when you're older. Staying limber and flexible helps you stay active and helps you prevent muscle strains and stiffness. When you take ballet lessons, you'll stretch your entire body so you have better range of motion in your legs and arms. Since you work at the barre for many of these exercises, you have something to hold onto for stability and reduced risk of injury.

Brain Simulation

Another benefit of ballet classes as an older adult is the brain stimulation it provides. Learning new things when you're older is helpful for forming new neural pathways in the brain that keep your brain functioning at a higher level. Ballet requires a tremendous amount of concentration. You have to learn sequences of movements and match them to music. Ballet exercises your memory and it stimulates your creativity when you dance free form.

As long as you can do the moves, even if they are adapted to your skill level, you're never too old to take ballet lessons and reap the benefits this type of exercise provides. Ballet is a blend of exercise and art, and it's something you're never too old to appreciate. For more information, talk to a professional like Crescendo Dance Academy.