Tips For Getting Your Child Ready For Hip Hop Dance Classes

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Tips For Getting Your Child Ready For Hip Hop Dance Classes

4 November 2015
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Many younger children want to take ballet lessons. You might be prepared for that and know exactly how to get your child ready for those classes, from buying the right clothing to doing his or her hair correctly. You might be at a loss if your child comes up to you and says that he or she wants to do hip hop dance classes. Here are some ways that you can get your child prepared for the class.

1. Dress Your Child for Success

Realize that it's going to be far easier to dress your child for his or her hip hop class after you see what the other children in the class are wearing. However, for the first class, simply have your child wear a pair of sweatpants that aren't going to fall down or cause any other problems. Joggers are another great alternative because you know that they won't get in the way of your child's shoes. If you are comfortable with it, leggings are another great option.

As far as shirts go, you are going to simply want to dress your child in a shirt that's comfortable to move around in. You want to make sure that the arm holes are loose on the shirt in order to make sure that your child can comfortably raise his or her arms above his or her head. Short sleeve shirts are usually for the best since your child is going to be moving around at a fast tempo for at least an hour and will probably get warm.

2. Get the Right Shoes

If you can afford it, purchase your child special dance sneakers. This is because your child is going to need the additional support that true dancing sneakers provide in order to make sure that he or she does not hurt his or her ankles. If you cannot afford dance sneakers, a pair of sneakers with higher tops will work as long as the fabric for the higher part of the sneakers is strong enough to keep your child's ankle from bending too much. Talk to your child's hip hop instructor for advice.

3. Tie Back Hair

Finally, if your child has long hair, make sure that you tie his or her hair back. This will keep your child from overheating and from distracting the other children when he or she moves quickly.

4. Bring Water

Finally, make sure that you bring two water bottles. One for during class and the other for after class. Your child will likely be given a water break midway through the lesson. Do not offer your child water before the teacher calls a water break.

For more information, talk to a hip hop dance teacher.